Mardi Gras Parade in Port A!

Feb 9th was a cool morning at 9C. Luckily it went up to 19 later on in the day.

I walked out to the beach to see the sun rise again. The tide was very low and the water very calm. Love that time of day at the beach but have only done it a few times. Still love my cozy bed in the morning too.

The beach sand had ripples this morning.


Our Seashell unit getting first morning sun

Around 10:30, Moe and I walked out to the end of the Jetty. We saw 3 sea turtles, pelicans,herons and dolphins surfing the bow waves again.

Very low tide!


There ARE turtles in the top left picture!!

We saw a fisherwoman catch a stingray! She had to be very careful and cut the tail off since it contained poison. The rest of the stingray could be used as bait.

Catching a Stingray 

After lunch we went to the Drug Store to print a couple of pictures and to the IGA for snacks and wine. We went to the corner of Station and Beach to watch the Port Aransas Mardi Gras parade. We met Don and Sissel there. It was so much fun to see all the golf carts, trucks and other automobiles all decorated up. There was not very much music – just one saxophone player marching on his own and a couple of other units with radios playing. There were kids of all ages dressed up and throwing beads and candies. The adults along the way were grabbing for those beads and candies – including me and Moe. Don and Sissel seemed to rack up even more beads than we did!

2016-02-09 17.27.49

After the parade, Moe and I went to a little Italian/seafood restaurant on the highway. It was shaped like a dome and the roof lit up at night. We had a table by the window and watched the sun set. The food was very good – tasted even better when we got the senior discount. Moe had crab cakes and I had maui maui. I still cannot believe that Moe is trying so many new foods. Yippee! For desert, we shared a FANTASTIC bread pudding with whiskey sauce. It was hot and really rich. So glad we were walking back to the resort!

Nice full moon and nice slow walk.





Maybe Next Year?

Feb 8th. Sunny with a low of 8 and high of 20.

We walked to the Post Office on highway to mail a couple of sympathy letters to families back in Peterborough that Moe knew. On the way back, we stopped at Coffee Waves, a little coffee shop that was like Starbucks.

We walked around the neighbourhood looking at different houses and places for rent …thinking of next year. We both like the family atmosphere/resort feel of Seashells so we would like to go back there.

Cool Fence!

A couple of other places for rent:


Finally!!! Sissel convinced Moe to take me to a movie! We drove into Rockport to a little movie theatre with GREAT comfy seats. A large popcorn, soft drink and 2 senior tickets cost us $19.00. We saw The Finest Hours – a true story.  The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952. After seeing the ships come through the Port Aransas channel and watching the waves crash against the jetty, the movie really made an impact on me.

The night ended with wine on the patio back at Port A. Ahhh…nice day.

The next day on the news I learned that a cruise ship had suffered damage during a storm. Passengers had an awful experience. Now I am not sure if I will go on a cruise AT ALL in the future. Ah shucks – forget that comment. I want to try as much as I can, while I can, at least once!

Canadian Night

Feb 10th was another beautiful day in paradise. 11C low and 20C high. Sunny, sunny, sunny!

We walked to our favourite walk destination – the jetty.

In the afternoon, we checked out a few other rentals by walking around the neighbourhood. If we come back, we would really like to be in the “old town” area, where we currently are staying. We can walk almost anywhere!

The Joint Effort Leisure Ministry (JELM) is a non-profit activity program and a ministry of the Community Presbyterian Church. They use the buildings called the JELM Center and the Pollock Center. It is a program offered for residents of Port Aransas and winter guests. January and February have the most programs scheduled and the activities ebb in the month of March.  A full calendar of events is available in the JELM Center every month. Tonight, the JELM hosted Canadian Coffee night. All Winter Texans from Canada were invited to come and bring a snack. We had a great time! We met people from Ontario (Toronto, Sudbury, Wellington), Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Lots of laughs!


Valentine’s Present

Such a nice day! Have I said that before? 12C low and 23C high. No clouds.

We went to the Leonabelle Birding Centre and watched the birds, nature and alligators for a long time. Love this spot!

After that walk, my Honey surprised me by wanting to buy me a valentine’s present and for me to remember our time in Port Aransas. We went to a little silver jewellery shop and bought a silver starfish pendant with inlaid crushed opal. It means so much to me that Moe gave me that gift. XO.


After lunch we walked to the jetty again. Moe went to the end of the jetty while I stayed by the rocks near the beach and watched for sea turtles. So exciting to see them pop their heads up.

We had Don and Sissel over for cards and the Frenchman won again! There must be a stacked deck!

Fun, fun, fun!



Legion Music & Chicken Bingo

Saturday Feb 6th was dedicated as a city-wide garage sale day. We walked down side streets, Pollock Centre and to the Port Aransas museum to check out the sales. Nothing worth buying but we did learn some history surrounding the building of the jetty.


We talked to some people at one garage sale and found out that they rented properties through VRBO. We walked past some beautiful homes.


We spent a little while a the beach and then back to the resort for a while. We walked over to the Legion since they were putting on a Cajun supper, had live music and $2 beers. We stayed for a little while but not for supper. Before we went to supper, we chatted to a man coming out of the Back Porch Restaurant – a little hole in the wall with a sign that said Chicken Bingo. We asked what that was and it turned out that they drop a chicken into a pen and whatever letter it lands on, is the next number called. We did not get to see this….kind of glad that we missed it….

We went to the restaurant called Stingrays. There were 2 perfectly running Corvettes elevated in the ceiling. Why are there 2 perfectly running Corvettes (1970 & 1977) hoisted over the bar? Simply put, the owners were told to sell their Corvettes to make room for the bar by their lovely wives. As you can guess, the guys’ solution was to keep their cars and display them; hence the name Stingrays.

We had a great pizza with shrimp and basil. Moe had an IPA that was made in Goliad (which had a lot of historical significance – like the Alamo- for Moe). The IPA was great and it came in a “Goliad” glass. Moe was able to bring the glass home after talking to the manager.

We walked back to the resort. It was a beautiful night with a beautiful sunset.

Walking Along a Port A Street at Sunset
Moe Heading Across the Street To Seashell Resort. Our Building in The First One On the Right.



Carving Show in Aransas Pass

Feb 7th. Low 11 High 20 and SUNNY!

We went by ferry (as usual) to go to Aransas Pass. There was a carving show at the Aransas Pass Civic Centre. The quality of the work varied a great deal but it was VERY interesting. I appreciate the work that Moe did years ago. He was really good! I hope that he does more in the future. We also learned that they gave classes during the winter as well. If I had more money, I would have bought at least a couple of pieces!

We went to the beach in the afternoon and had an early supper at the unit. Cards were on the agenda and we went next door to the Best Western to play with Don and Sissel. We have so much fun with them! Yep – Moe won most of the games again.

Texas State Aquarium

Feb 5th (Low 11C and High 16C) and we hopped the B-shuttle for the Texas State Aquarium. Another $1.oo well spent.

Texas State Aquarium

We first saw a show about wild birds/animals and learned about the Caracara – a bird that we have seen often along the Texas highways.

We saw other great displays during that show too!



I petted sharks and stingrays! I loved the stingrays. The “cow-headed” stingrays were very curious and would come right up to check your hand. Very cool!



We saw sea otters, turtles, fish, and so many other creatures!


We watched the dolphins for a long time and talked to one of the staff about their care.

One of my favourite areas – real water/shorebirds. Love the Roseate Spoonbill and White Ibis.



We went to the observation deck and had a great view of the harbour, the Lexington and Corpus Christie.



Here is a map of the area:


It was a really nice day at the aquarium, although expensive at over $40.00 for 2 seniors.

We arrived back at Port A in time for early supper at IRIE’S. It was a nice little shack.


Very casual and no beer! There was still plenty of that back at the resort.

Early night.



Leonabelle Birding Centre Again!

Feb 4th started off with a trip to Leonabelle Birding Centre. Both gators were close by sunning themselves.



One white pelican was close enough for a better shot…still had to zoom in to get this.


We did a bit of walking but mostly a quiet day. Don and Sissel came over for Golf and Moe won 3 games – even though he was still not feeling well. He will not win next time!





Education and Play Time

Feb 3rd – Very windy and COOOLLL day at 11C.

We walked to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. They have a small indoor Education/Visitor centre and a path around a reservoir with marine wildlife information. See picture below. The Institute backs onto the Port Aransas channel.

Marine Science

The sculpture “Interdependency” in front of the visitor centre “highlights the connectedness of the coasts and oceans”. Sculpture by Kent Ullberg.



Some of the displays inside:





The indoor visitor area was very hot and Moe started not to feel too well. We walked back along the beach to the resort and had some quiet time before Moe had his hair cut. He said it was a great haircut. It cost him $20 but worth it. I could not tell the difference.

We went out to Bernie’s around 5pm. We did not stay long that night but did have a good time with the gang while we were there. A couple of dances and had a chance to take pictures of the guys and gals.

From left (Wayne, Louis, 80 year old John (sitting), Moe, Don)
From left (Me, Maryellis, Sissel, Therese, Charlotte)




Fishing and Haircut Plans

Feb 2nd -another rainless, beautiful day 23 c. We walked to the harbour and watched a fisherman with his catch – 38″ Black Drum. Since it was too big to keep (must be less than 31″ for Black Drum), he had to let it go. He first had to puncture the lung to let the air escape, otherwise the fish would not be able to breath once he was returned to the water. He had a really nice manner and explained about the fishing rules and the reason for the puncture. Back into the water went the fish to swim another day!

20160202_141413 copy

We checked out all the pelicans and ships in the harbour and then headed to a salon for Moe to make an appointment to get his second hair cut – this time in Port Aransas.



Back to our new little home away from home for some wine and relaxation.